Experiencing Chinese Writing Intermediate Level 1 Course

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Experience Chinese Writing Intermediate Level 1 Course
Ref no.: CRS-N-0047195

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Main topics in Experiencing Chinese Writing Intermediate Level 1 Course:

      ◆ I want to go China
      ◆ First arrived in China
      ◆ Unforgettable travel
      ◆ That’s too late
      ◆ I succeeded
      ◆ Impressive things
      ◆ A letter
      ◆ Notice/Announcement
      ◆ My suggestion
      ◆ What are your hobbies
      ◆ Ideal Career

Entry Requirement(s) 

      ◆ 21 years old and above
      ◆ Singapore Citizens, PRs, foreigners (holding valid visas in Singapore)
      ◆ Suitability for Foundation Level are participants who has never studied Chinese before and /or with Primary 3 and below on Chinese language proficiency

Training Duration:

      ◆ Part-time training, training 7-10pm, revision 7-8:30pm
      ◆ 49.5 hrs, inclusive of 45 training hrs and 4.5 hrs revision
      ◆ 18 sessions
          Training 3 hrs/session, inclusive of 20 mins tea break/session
          Revision 1.5 hrs/session
      ◆ Twice a week, 2.5 months

E-learning Portal: 

      ◆ Extracurricular supplementary learning method
      ◆ 24 hrs free E-Learning Portal every day
      ◆ For participants who signed up SIMA Business Chinese Language Course

Funding Available:

Eligible Students Enjoy - 

      ◆ 50% SSG Course Fee Funding * +
      ◆ 90% Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy for Singaporeans aged 40 and above.* 
         Course fee can be made using SkillsFuture Credit for Singaporeans aged 25 and above